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noun. a habitat supplying the factors necessary for existence.

we want people to feel at ease. to live authentically. to work purposely.
in places that encourage making the most out of life. is an interior design and architecture studio based in malta.


formerly known as Kco Design, is headed by MARTINA FENECH ADAMI, an interior designer from malta who worked for two of the islands’ top design firms for over ten years. during that time, the projects she worked on spanned multiple settings, functions, and styles.


her work is now defining the character of several high-profile commercial projects,as well as historic and modern residential buildings.

eye for detail and extensive knowledge of materials make excel at designing unique pieces and spaces that are deeply rooted in time and place.


don’t just take our word for it. check out our STUDIO and LIVING pages to see some of our projects, and our PRESS page to read about us. follow's journey through our social media channels. 

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